Xiaomi 70mai Dual Charging TPMS Tire Pressure Monitor System - Black

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Main Features:
● Solar power and USB dual charging mode, convenient and environmentally friendly
● Adopts car gauge level sensor to support intelligent wake-up, intelligent interconnection, real-time monitoring, dual charging and other functions.
● The receiver adopts two-color negative display technology to support real-time monitoring pressure and temperature of 4 tires
● Support 1 second to monitor rapid air leak, accurate to 0.1Bar
● Support battery high-temperature protection, when high temperature up to 60 Deg.C, battery stops charging, also supports intelligent wake-up, when the car starts, the receiver in the sleep sensor automatically wakes up, automatically sleep when stopped
● Support connection of smart rearview mirror and mobile APP "70mai" ( scan the QR code in the user manual )
● Suitable for vehicles of 4 tires, such as car, off-road vehicle, commercial vehicle, van, station wagon

Sensor parameters:
● Working voltage: 2 - 3.6V
● Emission current: 1 - 6.6mA
● Air pressure range: 0 - 8Bar
● Working temperature: -40 - 125 Deg.C
● Working frequency: 433MHz

Receiver parameters:
● Working voltage: 5V
● Working current: 1A
● Working temperature: -20 - 70 Deg.C
● Battery power: 500mAh
● Power supply: solar power / USB
● Wireless connection: Bluetooth V4.2